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On the publication page, we have framed in red those books by Pegasus members, which we consider to be Best Sellers by the following criteria:
1) The book was, at one time, on a best seller list for a well known publication (e.g., New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, etc...).
2) We also reviewed Amazon's rankings and included books that were ranked within top 100 in either all books, or in a specific category.  )

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  • Campo, Rafael. The Other Man Was Me: A Voyage to the New World. Arte Publico Press, 2017.

  • Campo, Rafael. Comfort Measures Only. Hippocrates Press, 2017.

  • Campo, Rafael. Alternative Medicine. Duke University Press Books, 2013.

  • Farid, Diana. How Could I Help This Patient? (poem). MD Magazine. March 2017.

  • Farid, Diana. Dear Medicine. National Academy of Medicine. 2018.

  • Garde, Ira Batra, Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, New York Times, May 3, 2016,” poem, Nonviolence magazine (publication of The Metta Center for Nonviolence), Winter/Spring 2017.

  • Garde, Ira Batra, “The Photograph, poem, Nonviolence magazine (publication of The Metta Center for Nonviolence), Summer/Fall 2016.

  • Garde, Ira Batra, “Let the Pain Not Spread,” poem, April 2015, The Metta Center for Nonviolence blog.

  • Garde, Ira Batra. "Breathing For Peace" . Nonviolence, a publication of the Metta Center for Nonviolence. Summer/Fall 2017.

  • Garde, Ira Batra. "Like This We March" . Nonviolence, a publication of the Metta Center for Nonviolence. Winter/Spring 2018.

  • Mann, Mali A. A Path with No Name: A Collection of Poetry and Painting. IPBOOKS. 2017.

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  • Shafer, Audrey. Emergence. Anesthesiology 114(5):1236-7, 2011 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. A Foot. Anesthesiology 115(1):205-6, 2011 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. Anesthesia Checklist. Anesthesiology 116(2):477-8, 2012 (poem) [note: poem featured on the cover]

  • Shafer, Audrey. In the Emergency Room with My Mother, Again. Mission at Tenth: The Double Helix Issue, California Institute of Integral Studies 3:38, 2012 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. The Unscathed Veteran and the Anesthesiologist. JAMA 308:1301, 2012 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. The Anesthesiologist Breathes for you. Anesthesiology, 119:982-3, 2013 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. The Off-Duty Anaesthetist. The 2013 Hippocrates Prize Poetry and Medicine Winning and Commended Poems. London: The Hippocrates Press

  • Shafer, Audrey. The Anesthesiologist Sees Pink. Stanford Anesthesia, 23:36, 2013 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. Meditations of an Anesthesiologist: Poem and Commentary. In: Health Humanities Reader Ed. Jones T, Wear D, Friedman LD. Rutgers U Press, pp. 403-5, 2014.

  • Shafer, Audrey. Electrocardiogram. Anesthesiology 122:206-7, 2015 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. The ASA 4 Patient at the VA Hospital. Anesthesiology 122:950-1, 2015 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. Monday Morning. Ann Int Med 117:167, 1992. (poem) anthologized in The Well-Versed Parent: Poetic Prescriptions for Parenthood. Editor: Hunter JE. Ashland, OR:Wellstone Press, 2015, pp 99-100.

  • Shafer, Audrey. Featured Poet: The Anesthesiologist and the Patient, Autumn Sun, Seven-thirty A.M., Afternoon, What Will Never Be, Ed: Zawinski A. digizine April 2016

  • Shafer, Audrey. Memorial Day. JAMA, 315(20):2238, 2016 (poem)

  • Shafer, Audrey. "No, first and foremost, remember to be humble". Doximity, April 2018.

  • Steiner, Hans. Charon's Ferry. MD Magazine. March 2017

  • Steiner, Hans. Michael Angel. Academic Psychiatry. 2017

  • Trueblood, Henry Ward. In the Community Of Wild Birds. FriesenPress. September 2017.

  • Trueblood, Henry Ward. To Bind Up Their Wounds. Xlibris, 2008.

  • Uthayakumar, Arany. Travel Warning. Academic Psychiatry. 2017

  • Weingarten, Randall. For WCW. The Pulse, 2012.


(alphabetical by last name)

  • Asch, Steven. Momentum. Gravel Magazine. 2019.

  • Bucknor, Matthew. The Birth Plan. The Intima. 2019.

  • Goel. Anju. Why You Came to Me. In: Eliza Lo Chin's (editor). This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine. 2002.

  • Gold, Jessica. A Coin Flip. Psychiatric Times. 2016 July; 33(7).

  • Gold, Jessica. The Mirror. Psychiatric Times. 2016 July; 33(7).

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  • Gold, Jessica. A Moral Chameleon: Medical Hierarchy and the Medical Student. FASPE Journal (New York: FASPE/Museum of Jewish Heritage, January 2014), pp. 48-53.

  • Gold, Jessica. The First Day of Anatomy. The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. 2011, February 5.

  • Hochgatterer, Paulus. Der Tag, an dem mein Grossvater ein Held war. Zsolnay, Vienna, 2017.

  • Jacobs, Charlotte DeCroes. Jonas Salk: a Life. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015.

  • Jacobs, Lisa. Perilous Privilege. The Intima. 2019.

  • Jacobs, Lisa. March Manic. The Intima. 2019.

  • Jain, Shaili. Sectioned. Hektoen International. 2017

  • Jain, Shaili. The Aftermath of Trauma. Hektoen International, Volume 5, Issue 1; Winter 2013

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  • Mann, Mali. When you come back bring your potted flowers. American Psychoanalyst. Volume 47, No 3, Fall/Winter 2013.

  • Mann, Mali. Clara Schumann’s Loss and Love. The American Psychoanalyst, Volume 50, No1. Winter/Spring 2016.

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  • Meffert, William. A Leg To Stand On. MD Magazine. February 2017.

  • Meffert, William. Lost. The MacGuffin, 2012

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